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About us

Why U.S ?

Medicoist is a medical tourism agency based in Istanbul. Medicoist provides services in the entire process of comprehensive health tourism in Turkey in the treatment of international patients. Medicoist, planning international patient travels, appointments in hospitals, hospitalization and discharge, etc. It provides transactions, translation, 24/7 insurance provisions, aircraft and land ambulance services.

For international patients, traveling to another country and seamless communication unfortunately increase the anxiety and worry of illness. Speaking in more than 15 languages, our team acts as a bridge between patients and healthcare providers as soon as they receive patient reports, providing a single point of contact with patients, providing seamless support throughout their journey.

The journey of the international patient process is as follows: obtaining patient reports, evaluation and preparation of the treatment plan, making appointments, arranging travel plans, arrival and transfer to Turkey, treatment and post-treatment assistance services.

Our Mission

To work with a patient satisfaction-oriented approach without sacrificing quality by observing international health standards and adhering to ethical values, to manage the process from the first step of the service to our guests with a follow-up mechanism. Returning to their countries is our basic principle.

Our Vision

To be the leading assistance company of international health care, providing services to patients seeking health care from all over the world in the comfort of Turkish hospitality, with our highly skilled doctors who draw their strength from science in our equipped hospitals.

Our Values

After conducting preliminary meetings with our professional call center infrastructure, our staff specially equipped for each country and our expert regional managers, we initiate all procedures on behalf of our patients who request healthcare services.

We have created a working system focused on patient and employee safety, solution and people.

We communicate with our guests in their own language and offer them the opportunity to communicate and visit our country on the basis of sincerity and trust. Medicoist has a team equipped to transfer patients from all countries.